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Silk News Islamabad is a group of professional reporters, producers, cameramen, designers and other friends. As a Production Management Services company we provide production coordination support to both national and international media companies, organizations (social/business sectors) in production of news and corporate documentaries, Short films, TV commercial & series, Still shoots and Video projects shooting in and around Pakistan.


More than 30 years ago, he had a dream to become a journalist/writer and documentary film producer with a vision to expose corrupt politicians, criminal bureaucrates and notorious warlords in my country. Today he is seeing the mafia paying back and being sent to prison.

“The world suffers a lot, not because of the violence of bad people but silence of good people”

He had the honor to become a member of a young group of students raising voice against the military dictator. 34 of 35 were sent to jail, he was too young and escaped everytime but continued protesting even alone.

During Russian invation in Afghanistan, he had to work till late nights searching for even minor details of military attacks to compile a monthly report at one of the top research and policy institute.

His first book was published by ‘Jang publisher’ in Pakistan and was the youngest one (22 year) at their authors list.

He had travelled along the Indian border to witness the Kargal war, met with gurilla leaders and had spent nights with the refugees to count their miseries.

He was part of a production team having the honor to present the first private documentary, “Death Along The Lake” on government TV.

As a group captain, he produced a wonderful magazine show “HELLO PAKISTAN” on Pakistan Television to promote the bright face of Pakistan while struggling ahead during war on terror.

As a special correspondent he exposed war lords, Taliban fighter groups and their supporters in power corridors.